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JITJET Aviation Services offers a full range of catering solutions for business and private aviation, with a superior selection of meals belonging to the great national and international variety of cuisine types at at our customer’s discretion. We can provide our customers with several categories of meals ranging from VIP to economy, including special meals for the crew members. We are ready to offer a meal to fit any budget.

We know exactly what you need and we can provide it. Our packaging adheres to both the rigors of keeping ítems and their absolute freshness while being sturdy, disposable, and appropriate for the aircraft type and space restrictions.

Our services go well beyond providing our customers with top quality meals. JITJET Aviation Services can provide any special gifts or other amenities, such as flowers, newspapers ,blankets, toys and movies. We are also willing to collaborate with our partner airlines in order to develop special menus for their passengers in compliance with their corporate standards and in-flight catering concepts.

Our Customer Service Representatives are 24/7.